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Amber Resin Chastity Cage With Spikes

Amber Resin Chastity Cage With Spikes

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Our high-quality resin material, created with advanced 3D printing technology, offers high temperature resistance and maintains its color and smooth texture even after bathing or showering. It is lightweight, comfortable, and safe for long-term wear, making it ideal for a realistic and pleasurable BDSM experience. The burr-free and flawless surface of the chastity lock provides a comfortable and easy-to-use experience. This innovative lock adds excitement, freedom, and safety to the new chastity culture, perfect for couples or singles seeking a unique and pleasurable experience. 



Transparent Brown


Package includes:

1 pcs Cage

1 pcs Ring

1 pcs Integrated Lock

Cage Size:

S: Total length : 60mm - Internal width 32mm

L: Total length : 90mm - Internal width 35mm

Base Rings sizes:

XS-Internal width 39mm*Hight 45mm ring

S-Internal width 46mm*Hight 48mm ring

M-Internal width 47mm*Hight 52mm ring

L-Internal width 48mm*Hight 56mm ring

Caution: This device is for personal use only and should be cleaned before and after use for the second time. It is recommended to apply baby skin oil, lubricant or similar products for lubrication before use. Once you feel discomfort during use, please stop using immediately.


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