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Female Chastity Lock with Urethral Catheter Labia and Charistinga Piercing Lips

Female Chastity Lock with Urethral Catheter Labia and Charistinga Piercing Lips

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First ever Female Chastity device for Vagina. In order to wear this device Labia needs the be punctured/pierced. Sci-fi design makes it even more desirable than the Big bulky Chastity Belts. Device comes with Urethral tube for safe and long lock down.

This female chastity lock is ideal for women having have labia piercing and want to get into permanent chastity. Made of medical grade stainless steel, it is body-safe and won't rust or damage during use. The locked labia piercing is a must have for anyone serious into chastity play.

Length: 3.15 inch/80 mm

Diameter: 0.55 inch/14 mm wide

Rod: 0.11 inch/3 mm thick


Explore new dimensions of pleasure with our Female Chastity Lock, a tantalizing blend of restraint and eroticism. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this exquisite piece of BDSM equipment offers a thrilling journey into sensuality. The chastity lock boasts a unique design, featuring a built-in urethral catheter, labia clamps, and charistinga piercing lips. It's not just a toy; it's an experience.

The stainless steel construction ensures durability and hygiene, making it perfect for extended wear. The urethral catheter, with its meticulously designed comfort features, allows for a secure fit. The labia clamps offer an enticing pinch while the charistinga piercing lips add an extra layer of kink to your intimate adventures.

Embrace the power play dynamics in your relationship, be it as a dominant or submissive partner. Explore the intense arousal and heightened anticipation that chastity play brings. Unlock the secrets of pleasure in a unique and thrilling way.


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